Top Signs of a Water Leak

Top Signs of a Water Leak

Top Signs of a Water LeakCommercial and residential plumbing systems are quite vast and require routine maintenance and occasional repairs to remain in prime operating condition. One of the biggest issues that any plumbing system can encounter is a water leak. Leaks not only result in wasted water, but wasted money too. If you notice any of the following signs of a water leak in your home or office be sure to contact a licensed plumber in your community.

Sound of Running Water

If you can hear running water, but no water using appliances or faucets are on, it is very possible the leak is occurring in the walls of your home. A professional plumber should be called in so they can complete diagnostics using modern technology to determine the location of the possible water leak.

Low Water Pressure

Leaking water will result in low water pressure coming from shower heads, faucets and other fixtures. Depending on how little water pressure there is you can often tell how bad a potential leak may be. Any decrease in water pressure should be a sign that it is time to call a professional plumber.

Wet or Moldy Spots on Floor, Ceiling or Wall

Mold growth or evidence of moisture suddenly appearing on your walls, floors or ceiling are indicative of a water leak in the bones of your home. While it may be necessary to cut into the structure to repair the issue, leaks of this type are often easier and more affordable to repair than you may expect.

Mushy Spots in Yard

A swampy lawn that hasn't been subjected to extreme rainfall may be sitting atop a burst water pipe. Unexplained puddling in grass or bubbling water from under the driveway are sure signs of an underground plumbing issue.

Increased Water Bill

A clear indication of wasted water is if your water bill spikes but your water use has not. No matter the size of the leak, you'll be the one paying for it. If you've noticed a jump in your bill call a plumber to figure out exactly what's going on.

Water leaks need to be dealt with as soon as they become apparent. If you have experienced any of the above or have other reason to believe your home has a water leak contact Acorn Plumbing for professional water leak repair in Denver or the surrounding communities. Our team of expert plumbers will identify the source of the leak and have your home or office fixed up in no time. Give us a call at (720) 605-4991 to request an estimate from a superior plumber in Denver!

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